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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Swimwear sessions at Semeli Hotel, Mykonos

No, unfortunately the Isle of Wight hasn't had a freak October 1st heatwave... these were actually shot the week before last at an intimate private pool area at the gorgeous Semeli Hotel in Mykonos (which I would highly recommend but will discuss in my posts regarding hotel recommendations in Mykonos at a later date). I would have uploaded these photos and my other Mykonos/Santorini posts sooner but those post holiday blues have been kicking in big time for me during the past couple of days so the thought of even looking at photos back when life was happy, hot and filled with quad bikes... couldn't be done.

Mykonos isn't your standard beach holiday where you wear your comfiest bikini from two years ago, with tanning oil stains to match, to lounge around in despite how it looks... nor is it your 'I'm at Ocean Beach with a spray tan and more make up and jewellery than I'd wear on a night out normally' kinda location... I'd say it is a happy medium between both. People make an effort there, 'millionaire Mykonos' was thrown around a few times, but it isn't over the top and by no means a tacky location to visit. I'm done up a little more than usual for these photos (concealer and highlight was needed after a heavy night at the Scandinavian Bar), but as you'll see in my other holiday posts (or you may have seen on Instagram) I've bothered with some eyeshadow and lipstick, but left my skin fresh, focusing on a statement swimwear look.

I felt this ensemble was perfect for a Greek sunshine vibe, with that little Mykonian chic edge with the fedora and loose shirt. Simply Beach kindly let me chose a few items to take away with me, so I paired these ruffle swimpants with this gold detail pattern bikini top (believe or not they were not designed to be worn together) and thought this shirt would be the perfect alternative to a standard kimono.

...Now, get me back to Mykonos? (Or at least let Paris this weekend hurry up!)


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Mykonian evenings

If you follow me on instagram or snapchat (both just 'charlottefisher), you'll have had it thrown in your face that I've been in Mykonos this week! I've had such an amazing time, so much I'm now actually in Santorini after changing my flight home today... Greece, you can't get rid of me that easily!

Blogging every single outfit would have been hella time consuming and less fun for my company on the trip, however I've managed to blog a couple, candid-ing the rest on my new Olympus PEN (after I sadly had my previous camera lost/stolen at the Bestival last weekend, waaah!) - which I'll share in a separate post about my time in Mykonos.

This is an outfit I wore out on one of my many tasty dinners (again I'll do a 'lil Mykonos food review!) and I felt the dress needed some blog attention lovin'... because, well, look at it? The dress is another item from NaaNaa clothing that I picked up in a recent haul from them and I couldn't help but see it perfect for Mykonos evenings! OCD me over here has tried to stick to red, blue and monochrome out here - themed Fisher over here, as I felt these colours suited Greece.

I layered it up to break up the sultry 'hey look at my leg' look, edging it up with this Boohoo aztec-y kimono, statement necklace and these chunky Boohoo sandals, along with my trusty Love Moschino patent bag.


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The sunglasses miracle and another bardot dress to add to the collection

The most amazing story is behind these photos... I had gone to the same beach a week prior to shoot this outfit (and walk my dog) but whilst frolicking in the waves (with said dog), my Stella McCartney sunglasses decided to go on vacation and got washed away out to sea. To say I was distressed was an understatement, it was like a remake of Kim K losing her earrings in the sea. I spent an hour sulking that:
1) my outfit was ruined without the sunnies so I couldn't shoot it
2) the ocean literally just stole my favourite sunglasses
3) only this would happen to me

...after an hour of looking out to sea longingly to be reunited with my sunnies, I was forced to give up the search and retreated back to the car, leaving a 'LOST ON BEACH PINK AND BLACK STELLA MCCARTNEY SUNGLASSES' with a contact number just incase, at the shop nearest the beach. I had sort of faced the fact I'd never see them again, or if miraculously I did, they'd be ruined by the rough waves of that day... but weirdly 4 days later I got a text from the shop manager saying a child had found them buried in the sand and had handed them into the shop after reading my sign. WHAT WERE THE CHANCES IN THAT?!! At first I thought surely it was a joke, but alas I went there a few days later to see for myself and there they were, with only a few light scratches.

Anyway, I thought I'd share that story of crazy luck behind these outfit photos. As for the outfit, Chicwish have been a holy grail to me this summer. I've seen this dress pop up on a few bloggers now which almost put me off doing the same, however I felt I had styled it completely different to the others I had seen wearing it! It's a girlie bardot dress but I decided to toughen it up with black as I saw black worked well with this shade of mauve in the sunglasses. The sandals are comfy as heck and only a tenner in the sale, with this trusty vintage Moschino belt a nice edition to the waist.


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

THE MUST HAVE BOOTS FOR AUTUMN (...and I mean it when capslock comes out)

So it felt like I was waiting around since forever for these boots to be designed, manufactured, and made accessible to me. I've been thinking 'man I need a tan pair of over the knee boots' for about a century, but finding a suitable pair proved hard. At Public Desire's 1 year birthday event earlier this summer, I saw these beauties and I prayed for the day they went online... and that my friends was last week. Owning them feels like my heart is finally complete. Aren't they just the perfect pair of boots for autumn?

I've only recently discovered Glamorous and have since fell in love with some of their new season pieces including this faux fur gilet and shift dress.  Now it's September the summer wardrobe slowly needs those transitional pieces added to it before coats and scarfs over take in winter.

Oddly, because I was in a hellish mood from 'knowing the photos will come out awful in direct sunlight' I am really happy with how these photos came out (hence the huge spam of me, sorry!). I'm very in the mood for Bestival this weekend which is what inspired todays look, and yes, I'm still living in these circular Ray Bans.


Monday, 7 September 2015

All black with a pop of red

This was a day-to-night look I sported last week as I travelled up to London for an evening of events and then my friend's 22nd birthday at Libertine. For the day look I sported a nude lip, the bomber and my black Prada bag but this was the evening look with the little red quilted Moschino and a red lip.

I think it's the first night I've ever gone out without a skirt or dress, but I felt these Quiz leather look jeans with this lace up bodysuit worked perfectly for a universal look which I could wear up on the train and around London, then in the club. I also went for boots opposed to heels and I just think the whole look sort of worked with a confident, slightly Kylie Jenner, vibe. I also filmed my make-up routine for this look too, so hopefully I can get my butt in gear and have that edited for you guys soon if you're interested!


Monday, 31 August 2015

Casual-chic jumpsuit for effortless days

I had planned on visiting London yesterday, so this was the comfy-yet-chic outfit I had put aside for a day of London-ing, but I ended up wearing it just mooching around on the Isle of Wight as I rescheduled my visit for later in the week.
I can't get enough of this NaaNaa jumpsuit, so much so I also have it in white. It's just such a nice cut, with the cowl back a really nice feature. For the more casual look I paired it with these Vagabond boots which I snapped up in the sale (£80 down to £26.50!!!) - I love the rose gold feature on them, and like all the other Vagabond footwear I own, they're incredibly comfy! The white boots made more sense earlier in the day when I was sporting some white Prada sunnies, but the sun had gone in by this point and I'd forgotten to get them back out for the photos, doh! I went for a statement of mixing metals as you can probably see by these Astrid & Miyu accessories and the Michael Kors watch from Lily Who.

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