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Thursday, 19 November 2015

I have my eyebrows tattooed on? An eyebrow re-vamp at Tracie Giles (semi-permanent make up review + before & after!)

If a year ago you'd have told me I was getting a tattoo, let alone one on my face, I'd have told you to get out the goddamn door. Yet here I am, after my second lot of 'tattooing' with the wonderful Tracie Giles! If you've seen my recent everyday make up video, you'll already know I visited Tracie Giles recently to have a much needed top up after originally visiting earlier this year. (And to talk pets, as Tracy is a women after my own heart when it comes to animals.)

Keep reading for my before and after...


Monday, 16 November 2015

Toby Heart Ginger - An Australian brand to keep me cosy this winter

A few weeks ago an email popped into my inbox regarding a potential collaboration with Toby Heart Ginger. I hadn't actually heard of the brand, but after a little googling it was safe to say that they were a brand right up my alleyway. I soon realised that they were an Australian brand, which figured, as I am always obsessed with Australian designers. GIVE ME ALL OF THE AUSTRALIAN-NESS.

Toby Heart Ginger recently became available in the UK at and they wanted to see if I liked any of the collection to style up. It was all gorgeous but I decided to go for some knit staples for winter (short skirts and short dresses are perfectly suitable for winter if knit you see...!). 

I went for this gorgeous beige dress, with a slight turtle neck detail (does 'slight turtleneck' have it's own name) and this beautiful blue-navy co-ord set, which despite my mother's arguing, IS supposed to be worn with the split down the front middle. All three pieces are really lovely quality and feel great on, comfy pieces indeed. I liked the blue set so much I also now have it in the beige colour of the dress.

I wanted to give both looks a slightly different edge - so I went for a more sports luxe-y look with the beige dress, pairing it with these Adidas from Mainline Menswear and this statement faux fur coat (new favourite) from Missguided, and then for the blue set I wanted a more chic vibe so I paired it with this black duster from Pretty Little Thing, blue Fendi sunglasses from Red Hot Sunglasses, my Celine Trio which is surgically attached to me right now and my new favour Dior-eque boots from Zara.


My daily make up routine

So I finally thought it was time to get my butt back into making videos, and what better way than to share my daily make up routine?

You can see the video here.

And shop all of the products I use here:

Do let me know if you have any particular video requests you'd like to see from me! Looking forward to making videos again.


Saturday, 14 November 2015

Finding it hard to say no to 20% off of ASOS...

(Irrelevant photo to the 20% off of ASOS, but I couldn't help but also share that Nike also has 20% off of their sale right now so you can get these £67 Nike's in the khaki colour which sold out on ASOS for £42 here on Nike with the code 'CLNOV15'... safe to say these babies have a relative on their way!)

Anyway, onto ASOS!

As money burns a hole in my pocket, I knew it wouldn't be long until I fell into the 20% off of ASOS's own label promotion. I figured I'd share some of my favourites with you guys if any of you were needing some inspiration.

(Make sure ad blocker is off!)


Thursday, 12 November 2015

Proudly representing socks n' sandals

Sorry for my absence in the bloggersphere, the main reason was the 6 consecutive days of bloody rain (cheers England) but I've also been filming for my new YouTube channel (yes I've started again) and I've been writing my recent fitness update (yes still) and about my experience getting my brows redone at Tracie Giles (super happy with them). (Going with brackets today.)

As it wasn't rainy or windy to the point of being completely blown away, I tried to make the most of shooting my outfit (and my boyfriend's... yes, he's blogging now - check him out here! He has a REALLY good photographer... ahem.). Yep, you guessed it - more culottes. But this time in this gorgeous pink and in the form of this two piece with a beautiful open back feature. You can get the whole set for £28 right now as the top is in the sale and you can find the culottes here!

I've always loved leopard print with pastels/pink since seeing Alexa Chung sport it so well with a pastel yellow top when she debuted that Topshop leopard print skirt last year at LFW. As the opportunity arose with these leopard print sandals (jeez my blog is just culottes and leopard print footwear right now with a Celine trio thrown in for good measure, whoops!), I took to the streets doing the faux pas of socks 'n sandals (so shame), and layering up with this lovely faux suede duster jacket to match the colours of the leopard print. 


Friday, 6 November 2015

Feminine meets footballer vibes?

I used to share only my more 'dressy' looks on here, but now I've recently reverted back to my old ways of comfort, and it's unlikely I make it out of gym wear unless I have something important to go to! I've started making a little more effort though (I've ditched wearing foundation though except for evenings out!) and sporting (see what I did there?) more sports-luxe-y outfits for comfort. Basically I'm not made up and in heels everyday now!

This outfit gave off a cute meets sporty vibe, but I can't help but feel in the photos I give off a footballer vibe... doh!

I''m so late on the Adidas Superstars game, but I've really been digging Adidas in general recently (maybe subconsciously linked to my lazy ways of choosing comfortable gym wear over actual outfits...) and after wanting to look like Katy Perry in her full Adidas attire, I knew it was time to get a pair of the trainers she wears! They are so comfy and easy to style though, so I'm not surprised fashion bloggers everywhere has them.

As I've mentioned my culottes game has upped recently, and these were the pair which inspired it all. I saw them in the Topshop sale for £5 and thought I may as well try them out and surprisingly fell in love. These are a size 6 so come up quite small on me, but they were just me testing the water on if they'd suit me and a similar pair is available at Missguided in my actual 8-10 size so I think I'll now be getting those!

The bodysuit again was a cheap Topshop sale find and I think it goes beautifully with my new dusty pink Love Moschino bag from Tessuti. The bag is perfect for day/night as it has a cute little wallet built into it. And to layer up over it all, as the weather was quite mild, this oversized stripe shirt from Newlook.

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