Sunday, 31 August 2014

WEARING// You're the red to my lilac

For me, other than the vast amount of pastels that I wear... red is the perfect colour to compliment lilac! I found that a red lip and this red Grafea, made this otherwise simply lilac ensemble, pop. 
I don't want you all to get bored of two pieces, but my blog is a very true representation to how I dress, so I'm afraid you've caught me red handed... I wear a lot of two pieces!

In other news, the sun was back today so this outfit was perfectly suitable, even without a jacket! Please stay for winter, kind ball of warmth. This set in particular is by Bank and just another 'Charlotte Fisher' piece, to be quite honest I felt incomplete without it. Sizing wise I'd stay stick to your regular size, or possibly size up as it isn't stretch! 

These Topshop sandals of heaven matched perfectly. I still can't get over how comfy they are for a shoe so high! 

WEARING// Queen of Tack Town

Firstly, I thought I'd share my inspiration for my outfit:

This Wildfox sweater just really reminded me of the Katy Perry 'Birthday' lyrics, along with the colours, so this is the result. It is safe to say I am the Queen of Tack Town... I am currently writing this with Barbie pink nails covered in glitter... 
These PVC trousers are something else, they got me a few looks on South Bank and around central London, but hey that's what I'm all about! I love them! Pretty Little Thing warned me they were coming in as they knew they were made for me before they even hit the site. Definitely size up at least one and probably two if in-between sizes- I'm normally an 8 in bottoms, however occasionally a 10 and these are actually the 12. Be prepared to squeak when walking though...

I just based the rest of the outfit on the colours on the sweater, so after the pink overload I had some mint and yellow to add in.

These sunnies/jacket combo is my favourite minto combo right now, and after seeing Pixie Lott's 'Lay Me Down' video, these thick head bands have increasingly made it into my outfits! My friend Milly from Santioned has been making them for me and will be selling them for £6 each!

Also how incredible are these shoes???????!!?!? Surprisingly comfy and a perfect match for the trousers, AND now only £20 in the sale!

Friday, 29 August 2014

WEARING// PJ chique

So this is actually what I wore to Reading Festival, however I never managed to get photos on the day as I abused the bar a little too much... and of course I was too busy hanging out with blink-182...
The two piece I was drawn to in Missguided's AW preview, and I find it works well belted and tucked in to give a playsuit-y vibe. The shirt alone gives off a very pyjama feel, but in a good way, if that works?
I'm all over these duster jackets right now, especially loving this pale pink one, a perfect match for this two piece. It's not coat weather yet, but these are a perfect end of summer substitute.
Shoes wise - on the day I wore DM boots, but here I've just gone with these chunky PLT ones due to them looking interesting but also managing not to destroy my feet!
You may also noticed the weird pained look on my face and swollen pout... I had braces fixed on (again) this day and am now suffering!!! I forgot how much it hurts/makes smiling look ugly. Just got to remember it will be worth it in the long run!

Shoes: Pretty Little Thing
Coat: Lily Lulu Fashion

Monday, 25 August 2014

WEARING// A colourful outfit to brighten up a miserable bank holiday!

So obviously these photos weren't taken today, looking outside right now feels me with dampened dread of the thought I need to venture out into it in a bit! I just got back from Reading Festival, and had the most amazing time being a VIP (very important princess) yesterday thanks to Mark Hoppus, but now I'm relaxing after a hot bath and day of pampering! 

This outfit I wore during the week out for lunch with my boyfriend, and then for a bike ride. I'm not kidding when I say that you can't miss me on the road! These are taken near Blackgang Chine (if you've ever visited there as a kid!) in an area of derelict houses in the process of being taken by the sea! One of the houses in question looked completely empty, yet as it started to get dark, we saw a face peering out at us, telling us it was her garden... whoops, sorry! Her garden was in a pretty bad state of 'falling down the cliff' though in our defence... 

We all know I'm a fan of a two piece, and I figured this set would go perfectly with this kimono that I had been lusting over. The set may look a little big, but I ordered a 10 on the safe side as on the model it looked quite fitted! However I'd suggest staying true to size if you do want it a little more fitted than what I'm wearing it like.

I felt this jelly shoes and bag set from Topshop suited the look perfectly, still so happy this bag was only £5 (even if my boyfriend does tell me it looks like a pencil case)!