25 Apr 2015

FASHION | Lips, lips, lips

Sorry if you're sick of hearing about my lips... but ONE LAST post. You can see my originally post here, and I just thought I'd post an outfit to go along with my YouTube video!

21 Apr 2015

FASHION | An accidental 'Moschino' shirt for £12?!

So when browsing She Inside recently, this pussybow heart print pink shirt really caught my eye. When it arrived it fitted like a charm and I loved it, a bargain for £12... however I realised it said 'Moschino' in some of the hearts! I did my research and it is actually a dupe of this £547 Moschino shirt... which I hadn't realised when ordering! ...a bit cheeky!! Just proves that Moschino speaks to my heart, even when I don't know they've designed it! 

19 Apr 2015

FASHION | "Fuzzy Baby"-ing with Wildfox

Since discovering Wildfox, they've been up there with my favourite brands. It's easy to see as about everything they make basically has my name on it. The new Barbie collection got me so love heart eyed it hurt, and their sleepwear makes me want to stay in pyjamas all day!

Collaborating with them was up there with all time goals when I first started blogging, so I'm super psyched to be sharing this post!

18 Apr 2015

FASHION | Summer/holiday evening outs

Last week clothing brand Naanaa, who recently launched on ASOS, got in contact with me to see if I wanted to collaborate on any of their new range. I am very partial to a bit of coral, as I'm sure you have noticed, so it was no competition (none of their new range is pink, haha!) when I saw this jumpsuit.

17 Apr 2015

FASHION | Casual beach days

Ah, how cute is this skirt?! I'm loving these printed skirts right now, easy to just throw on and style with similar coloured, less statement items! (Cactus skirt, I still heart you.)

16 Apr 2015

FASHION | Nylon Sweet 16 X Diet Coke 'Regret Nothing' Campaign

Safe to say I was more than honoured when the New York offices of Nylon Magazine got in contact regarding a collaboration for their 16th birthday this April! I styled up this top which was created with Motel Rocks for the occasion, as well as a few other custom pieces!

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