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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Mauve over other shades of pink

So can we appreciate first how witty my post title is? Mauve over, get it????!! Yep I came up with that one myself, I'm here all night. As usual I did that weird thing where I base a whole outfit around an accessory - the accessory in this case is these gorgeous Stella McCartney pinky mauve sunglasses, which screamed my name when I saw them on Red Hot Sunglasses. Stella speaks to my heart - fellow animal enthusiast and veggie, creating sunglasses as friendly to the environment as possible. I salute you Stella McCartney, I salute you.


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Seeing bad weather as an excuse to debut new coats

Yes it's official, summer has buggered off somewhere else the past week here in England. I've become accustomed to wind and rain again, and decided perhaps a pink Vespa instead of a car was a bad life choice. That being said, the bad weather has meant I have been able to wear my gorgeous new faux suede trench jacket from Lipsy, which FYI, I am head over heels for. It's just such a versatile colour, a flattering cut and looks like it potentially could have cost a lot more than it did.


Saturday, 25 July 2015

Lucy Mecklenburgh for Pretty Little Thing

Here's another post from a couple of weeks ago which I had pondered over posting, I can't be the only one to do this, right?! 
However it is about time I stopped being so fussy and posted it, as it's such a gorgeous dress. If you don't already know, Lucy Mecklenburgh recently brought out a range with Pretty Little Thing... and from what I can see, it's been a great success. This was my favourite item from the collection - just an effortless and comfy day to night dress, perfect for summer. 


Thursday, 23 July 2015

My first taste of cut out boots

This post is a lucky surviver from my drafts folder. My drafts folder contains many outfits I condemn to the lonely echoes of the internet after I reflect back and am too unhappy with the photos, for whatever reason (usually thinking I look too fat or my hair not looking 100%), to post. I shot the photos quickly a few weeks back before catching the boat for a trip up to Manchester. Sadly they were accidentally shot in a weird setting so I look a bit like a video game character... along with my 'smouldering look' making me look more sleepy than anything. Despite these partial failures, I have reflected back and decided to post. Why should I take it out on the innocent dress and shoes which gave me nothing but happiness?

The dress actually got me so many compliments after I posted a selfie in it on instagram and a few snapchats in it, and I had forgotten all about it until today when I rediscovered it and remembered I'd snapped these photos so many weeks before. It's from Charlotte Crosby's range with In The Style (get 10% off of In The Style with 'CHARLOTTE10') and I felt it perfect for summer, especially since at the time I was best friends with anything maxi as I had completely lost all body confidence. Thankfully I'm in a better place body wise now and wearing something maxi is a choice and not my only solution to leaving the house!

It appears I had a lot of attitude this day. I guess it was because it was my first time in the sort of boot-sandal hybrids, which now seem to be everywhere. I saw Pia Mia in this particular pair and she seemed to rock them pretty well so I thought I'd try them out myself. I have since delved deeper into the trend and can say I now own a few pairs of these odd, sort of strangely attractive, shoes.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Khaki staples and floral co-ords

As I was doing my routine snoop over on Lipsy, I noticed this gorgeous Motel Rocks skirt n' shirt set had gone into the sale. As I'm in a major khaki-lovin' phase at the moment, I couldn't help but love the mix of khaki with my more familiar purple/lilac pallet. It's just a relaxed, comfy, summer fit, but I think it would equally look as nice in those transitional months into autumn.

This jacket I now have in pink, tan, black, mustard, rust and khaki - can you blame me? But I can't deny that they're great jackets and so easy to throw on. They also make you feel softer than a burmese cat, and if you're not familiar with burmese cats, then that's really, really, goddamn soft. Shoe wise... moment of appreciate please for these killer khaki platforms of faux suede heaven.


Monday, 20 July 2015

I'm feeling yellow mellow - the perfect summer suit

Every season Lauren Pope brings out a new collection with In The Style, my wardrobe gains a new suit. I love a good suit, as I'm sure my blog has reflected this, but never did I think I'd be owning a yellow one until now.
I had planned on wearing this set all sultry and pinned shut with boobage out and no top underneath, but Lauren beat me to it wearing it like that to the In The Style summer party (which I sadly couldn't make it to London to attend!). Because Lauren killed it with that look already, I decided to style it up a different way for a more daytime approach, suited for my So...? With Attitude London look. (You can read my nostalgic post on their fragrances and my outfit challenge here.)

Psst... also, you can get 10% off of In The Style with 'CHARLOTTE10', thank me later!

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