Friday, 3 July 2015

Mermaid out of water... in... uh, patent high heels?

I posted this little ensemble on instagram the day I shot it, and I must say it went down well so I'm excited to share the full photos! Sometimes you've just gotta dress fun 'n cute, whether or not it's going to get you funny looks. How could I not channel my inner summer mermaid when I saw this cute shell skirt. FYI, it is actually a co-ord, but I thought I'd mix things up a bit with this t-shirt, still of course in the sea siren, boob covering with shells, theme.

Also Public Desire kindly have given my readers a cheeky discount for this weekend, so ladies, do stock up on shoes that you probably, or definitely, need.


Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The denim pinafore/dunagree dress of my summer, bell sleeves and tan accessories #VERYVIP

Last week I popped to Covent Garden for one of Very's VIP events. If there's one thing Very know, then it's how to throw a good event. They even had puppies one time, but unfortunately that was the only I've ever missed... why does life do this to me?

The theme this time was the festival season, and they showcased their key pieces for this festivally time of year, including this gorgeous dungaree dress which I couldn't help but fall in love with.

Despite the lack of puppies, there was a piercing lady this time - so of course I got yet another ear piercing. There was also a trusty photobooth, hair styling, the shiny metallicy temporary tattoo people which are everywhere right now and endless alcohol! Safe to say I had a good time, along with using social media currency (a tweet/instagram/snapchat etc.) to gain 3 of my favourite pieces.


Friday, 26 June 2015

Coconuts, almonds, marshmallow root extract - no it's not my breakfast, it's Frank Body's new face range #thefrankeffect

A few weeks ago the famous Frank (, from 'Down Under', emailed me saying he wanted to get up in my face. What did that mean? It meant that Frank Body had a new skincare range about to launch: a creamy face cleanser, a creamy face scrub and an everyday fave moisturiser ...and he wanted me to be one of the first to try it.

I am beyond useless when it comes to a skincare regime. Don't hate me beauty bloggers but I'm normally a... dare I say it... face wipe and go kinda girl when it comes to removing my make up. So I was more than intrigued to introduce these new products to my face, after hearing lots about Frank Body in the past.

Read more for make-up-less (thank god for Tracie Giles eyebrows and Perfect Eyelashes lash extensions, ok and lip liner and lib balm) photos of me, and what I thought of the products.


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Blair Waldorf made me do it

After years of assuming it was overrated, and wondering why the heck all girls seemed to love 'Chuck Bass' when Googling him failed me... I started Gossip Girl. I've not looked back since and have somehow managed to binge my way into the third series already in about 2 weeks. Thank the Lord for 20GB data a month and the Netflix app - Chuck Bass on the go.

Aside from wishing I was from Upper East Side with a huge trust fund, Blair Waldorf's fashion has seriously imprinted on me - I even caught myself looking at headbands the other day. I love a strong lip and a coordinated outfit, and have felt even more inclined to do so recently - Miss Waldorf I'm blaming you.

...and that leads you to this outfit. Quiz Clothing always has great statement/occasional dresses and I couldn't help but feel I could sport a pre-Cowes Week (a sailing regatta here on the Isle of Wight, kinda a big deal for people who sail and alcoholics) 'Hello Sailor' look whilst feeling very Blair Waldorf doing so.


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Field Day Festival with Missguided

The day after arriving home from Italy, Missguided kindly arranged for me and a few other blogger babes to attend Field Day in London with some pocket money for booze'n food. The weather was glorious and Mac DeMarco did not disappoint.

Field Day is in Victoria Park, East London - and as it was my last weekend living in Mile End/Stepney Green; walking distance from the festival, I thought it was only fair to go and give East London a proper send off! I am sure Amy Valentine and the Jäger bar can confirm I did this.


Elle Woods - move over... The Prada prescription glasses that minty dreams are made of

Sometimes the ex law-student-to-be shines through in my fashion in the most Legally Blonde way possible. If I had carried on with my dreams of Law at Oxford, I can imagine I would have dressed as cliché Elle Woods as possible.

I was extremely over due a new pair of glasses, and figured I would head over to the designer side. I've really become a slave to Prada, so when I saw these - slightly cat eye, edgy with a splash of mint, I knew it was going to be a great relationship. Red Hot Sunglasses kindly hooked me up with this pair and they arrived, prescription n'all in under 4 days! They stock a range of designer prescription glasses now alongside their gorgeous range of sunnies, so it's worth taking a gander if you're in need of a treat for the eyes!

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