22 Dec 2014

FASHION | My new winter sunnies edition

The other day I faced the freezing Isle of Wight wind to have a brisk walk along the coast. Despite being sunny it was bloody cold and I almost got blown out over to France.

However, I thought of no better time to debut my Tom Ford sunnies from Red Hot Sunglasses - matching nicely with the faux fur scarf which I recently picked up from Primark. Wind swept and interesting is a thing after all, right? The sunglasses of course are cateye as that's the only frame I seem to wear... however they're my first pair by Tom Ford. No complaints here, these are such a nice design - the monochrome making them a little more interesting than your standard block colour pair, however still making them versatile to style. These will be seeing me through my snowboarding trip to Sweden next week!

I've also broken my 'it has to be all gold' jewellery phobia this week, you'll see me mixing metals a lot more... and here is me in silver, for the first time in about 2 years! Casio have always had the coolest retro watches, but now they've brought out their 'Sheen' collection, which features a few more sophisticated time pieces in an array of metals and designs. As I'm breaking out of my all gold phase, I went for silver! (Those who know me, know that wearing silver is a big step for this all gold gal!) Big thanks for Casio for the watch, and to The Saturdays for kindly signing my Sheen watch box!

Scarf: Primark

19 Dec 2014

FASHION | Everything's peachy

I've been without a photographer for quite a while, so sorry for the lack of posts!! I have however got about 6 billion outfits, and a haul video to show you, so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel if you would like to see that, and keep checking back here for the increasingly festive outfits!

Like I said, I've not taken outfit photos in a while, so sorry for these... it appears I have forgotten how to pose, haha!

I love the mix of textures with this outfit, felt, scuba, faux fur and feathers. The skirt I originally wanted from Topshop but had sold out, however Lily LuLu now stock it - horay! The feather black crop is also from there, which I'm equally obsessed with.

I've had this peachy pink gillet for so long, but hadn't got round to featuring it yet! I figured it matched perfectly with the skirt, so it was time! As it's a bit chilly for bare arms, I layered it upon a black longline blazer/duster jacket, which I think worked well!

And of course, what Fisher outfit is complete without knee highs and a fedora?

13 Dec 2014

FASHION | A very berry Christmas

This week I stepped completely out of my comfort zone and went for brown leather. I don't know if you've noticed, but I only ever wear black leather - I'm not sure why this is, I just guess I figured it matched more and then got in a habit of buying black leather items to match the other black leather items I already had. It's all this one big black leather black hole. 

I had this epiphany when Daniel Wellington watches contacted me, and instead of picking a black watch I went for brown. It was at this point I had to decided between tan or dark brown but after about 47 hours of torment trying to decide, I committed to the dark side. You can actually get 15% off of Daniel Wellington watches this festive season with the code 'charlottefisher' - thank me later guys. You can see my watch in the photos, I love it. Very traditional English Autumn/Winter. 

Now I was on the dark leather pursuit, since I've recently upgraded my Canon 1100D to a 70D I decided a new camera case was in order. This Grafea baby is perfect, and guess what? I stayed with the dark leather theme... slowly collecting items I can pair together with outfits... 
The bag itself is great, fits all my camera needs in it and has many outer pockets for cards/documents/your phone etc. my favourite feature actually has to be that all the camera padded compartments inside can actually be removed if you'd prefer to have more space and use as a regular bag.

Now, now, now... we all know I've been loving the over the knee boots. How could my brown leather outfit be complete without a suitably matching pair of boots? I spotted these in a shut Dune on an evening walking back from Winter Wonderland and had to contact the press office immediately to see if they could be mine. Within 24 hours I was in the office with the lovely ladies, clutching my new boots, so a big thank you to them! Since getting them I haven't taken them off - I assumed as they were leather and quite shaped I'd have to break them in, but nope, comfy since the first second! I think they're definitely a more sophisticated boot, and an item which is going to be a timeless staple in my wardrobe, so chuffed with them. I also think they're going to be the type of boots to look good with denim.

And there we have it, my dark leather ensemble is complete!

I also popped into the In Love With Fashion offices this week to pick up a few items, this playsuit had to be one of my favourites. Such a nice cut, with colours perfect for this time of year. I actually wore tights with this outfit as I was off to Vauxhall Ice Rink after, so I figured fishnets were better than nothing if I was adamant to have my legs out!

The faux fur coat is a Lily LuLu number and I really love it. Most faux fur coats are very bulky, but this one is a little more flattering and I like how the sleeves are a little cropped. The colour is also so perfect to contrast against the berry tones and leather.

To add a little additional colour to the outfit and to bring out the colours from the playsuit I added this burgundy berry combo of the thick faux fur scarf and matching fedora! 

Hat: Pretty Little Thing

12 Dec 2014

BEAUTY | Magnitone Lucid

Now I've been seeing these funky cleansing brushes all over the place at the moment, so when I was offered to try one out I couldn't resist. Some of you may hate me for this, but I have clear skin with very minimal effort - so I daren't use anything but my normal (Primark £1 face wipes....) routine incase I tempt fate! Don't worry guys, I had my fair share of bad skin around the age of 12-15 but thankfully those days are over! 
My boyfriend on the other hand still has temperamental skin, which is a lot more oily/prone to blackheads than mine (he knows I'm writing this, not bitching about him on my blog, promise!). These little brushes come in all different colours, but even though I knew Charlie was going to be the one test driving it, I still went for pink... 
The problem with myself and my boyfriend, and I'm sure with some of you guys too, is skincare routines can be time consuming, tiring and you find yourself sticking at them for the first two days and giving up before you even see the results. This little fella really encouraged Charlie to keep up with it though and after 2 weeks of use there was considerable results. Charlie is convinced that if he used the cleanser alone for two weeks, he would have had similar results, however I'm skeptical! Even still this machine made him keep at it, and the session lasts 20 seconds so it's so quick to do before bed - perfect for guys as well as girls, but perhaps not in the pink colour...

The Magnitone Lucid Facial Brush gently cleanses and exfoliates your skin to remove residues, impurities and dead skin cells using Active Electromagnetic Technology. Featuring two cleansing modes, the soft brush produces over 10000 fast-pulsing rotation-oscillations per minute to deeply and effectively clean and smooth your skin. It is suitable for sensitive and allergic skin types - helping purify your pores to reduce the occurrence of blackheads and breakouts, whilst allowing your skin to better absorb nutrients and moisture from your moisturisers, self-tans and SPF creams. *

It retails for about £50 which isn't too pricey for a product which is going to last you and be used daily. It is recommended you change the head after every 8 weeks though, but I believe they are easily available! 

Anybody else tried out this device, or plan to?

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