26 Mar 2015

FASHION | Spring girl next door-ing

I'm sure 'girl next door' meant cute and girlie, but Google is suggesting it could mean otherwise... So FYI a cute a girlie look is what I meant!

I love that spring and blossom is here, I can finally dress how I enjoy dressing the most! That is a genuine piece of blossom that falls into my hair during these shots, man I love you spring (my hayfever doesn't, but I do...). 

Astrid & Miyu also got in contact recently, I am absolutely loving this silver diamonté ring and rose gold bracelet. (I finally need to go and get the links taken out of my watch instead of rocking this Kanye look...)

25 Mar 2015

FASHION | Festival fashion - Coachella ideas via Missguided!

So it's getting to that time of year again, where everything online suddenly goes Coachella related! An email dropped into my inbox from Missguided last week asking if I'd like to style up a Coachella inspired outfit! Of course I accepted, and this is the result...

24 Mar 2015

LIFESTYLE | #5daysofsoma Swimwear365 shoot

If you caught up with my blog yesterday, you would have read my Kempinski Soma Hotel review and known I recently went on a trip to Egypt with Swimwear365 to style up and shoot some of their range!

At first glass Swimwear365 can be quite overwhelming as they stock such a variety to cater for all different ages and sizes, but I scoped out these three pieces and I couldn't have loved them more. I think the black cut out swimsuit could be my favourite swimwear that I've ever owned?

23 Mar 2015

FASHION | I love you cactus skirt

I feel like I've finally got my mojo back, so I hope that is beginning to show again through my blog! I'm having a lot of fun dressing more like 'me' again, and really just not worrying about what everybody else is up to. 

When I saw this cactus skirt I figured, what's not to love? I loved the spikey plant growing up (but I do remember I once got an infection from a spike after touching loads in B&Q) and I love the emoji of the cactus now, so I decided it was a good piece of clothing. The colours are great too, pink and mint - which happens to be a favourite combination of mine.

These loafers recently stole my heart, I can see me living in these and the pink pair I own for the rest of the month!

Grafea have also brought out satchel versions of their rucksacks, which of course I had to get my hands on! I went for pink because... well, you know...

22 Mar 2015

TRAVEL | Kempinski Hotel, Soma Bay (Egypt) - Where's reccomended to stay in Egypt?

One of the highlights of my blogging career has to be joining 10 journalists and fellow blogger Hannah Crosskey, along to Soma Bay Egypt for the #5daysofsoma campaign with Swimwear365.

Not just because it was a damn good holiday with great people (and great breakfasts...) but also because it completely changed my perception of Egypt and has certainly inspired me to revisit. I've literally been bombarded with Egypt related questions since getting back, so I was so glad the photos I had snapped in awe of the resort, can finally come in handy! I wanted to feature a hotel review, but where I've to date been primarily fashion, I never knew whether me babbling on would put people off! Fuelled by interest, here I am typing my honest opinion on Kempinski Soma. I can probably assume the photos will speak for themselves though...

Of course a little fashion has to be included. I took this absolutely beautiful AQ\AQ dress with me (I chose it on a recent dressing room appointment with them) on the hope to have some candid shots of me wearing it whilst frolicking on the beach... however I realised I had a faulty zip a little too late! I still wore it, as seen here, but if I were to turn, you'd see I was well and truly rocking the open back look. I decided to capture it in it's full glory another time, but still share this one of it because it is literally the best dress I own. 

Red Hot Sunglasses also sorted me out with some new season lilac Miu Miu, perfect for my pastel hair! The shape of these are different to my normal cat eye comfort zone, but I can safely say I have worn them to death since having them, which I'm sure you'll see in a few posts to come! The bag is old season River Island, however you can get it in coral or blue right now.

FASHION | Smurfing

As you can tell by the unpastel-ed hair, this is an oldie I'd forgotten to upload! My legs look suspiciously smooth in these so I seem to recall not wanting to upload due to goosebumpy legs, then working out how to smooth them out, then forgetting! I've checked though, and the items are available, so I figured I'd pop it up!

I'd also gotten a fresh white Grafea for spring, as my one from last year had gotten a bit beaten up! My friend Milly is now the owner of that one and I think she plans to customise it, so it will be exciting to see!

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