Monday, 28 July 2014

WEARING// Only thing missing in a piece of straw in my mouth...

Another dupe lovin' outfit, sorry Zara/AA... I just can't resist!

After finding out how good quality these tennis skirts are, I hate myself for paying almost £50 for my lilac one!!! (Life goes on.) Either way, seeing as I picked up these navy Vagabond boots in the sale, I knew the navy tennis skirt had to be a staple for autumn! I know, I know, shut up about autumn, we don't want summer to go! I have these boots in white and black, so I knew already how comfy they were, so for half the price I decided, despite never wearing navy, it was time to...

Again, this kimono is 99% if not 100% identical to the Zara one, but for £10... It just had to be done ok! I know it is bad, but hey, some of you may not have the money to splash out on Zara every week so technically She Inside is just a modern day Robin Hood- taking from the rich and giving to the poor! 

The top and hat I've been finding a perfect summer staple, both versatile to most outfitss and by Missguided. Plus you can hind from enemies under the hat.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

WEARING// Rollerdisco-ing without the skates

I've recently started collaborating with Australian brand 'Princess Polly' and I must say I was delighted to receive their email as it's always super exciting when a non-English brand shows enthusiasm to work with you (plus airmail is more exciting to receive, obviously...). I was allowed to pick a few outfits, so this playsuit had to be one of them. To me it screams early 1900s, modest, swimsuit, with the little frills. SO CUTE. I also think the frills may it more flattering due to the skimpy nature. It literally took 3-4 days to arrive too, which I think beats UK Topshop for me before I had express added to my account!

Now the shoes... I think you will either love them or hate them. I know I myself am the same... and shamefully I know how I SHOULD feel, but let's be honest they are me in trainer form. I live in heels so I have to give myself a break sometimes, even if I do look like a year 9, hanging out at the astro turf, chav... I'm kidding! These are cute not chavvy, I hope... or if you wish you may refer to me as Chav-lotte from now on!

Jacket you've seen many times, a favourite Boohoo item of mine, likewise my trusty first ever Grafea!

The location this is shot is a place on the Isle of Wight called 'Island Harbour', if you follow me on instagram, you'll see the beautiful colours the water goes at sunset. I intended this for these photos but found it a bit difficult to achieve, hence the not so great lighting - sorry! 

Also fun fact - seeing as I look like I'm off to a rollerdisco if you replace those Reeboks with a retro pair of skates, moored up in this harbour is an old, huge, derelict, vessel, which used to be a nightclub in the 80s/90s, which also held a rollerdisco! It is now eerily moored up on the banks to rust into nothing - if you live on the island or are visiting, it's awesome to check out!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

WISHLISTS// Summer sunnies

I was never really a 'sunglasses girl' until recently. Don't get me wrong, I loved them... they just didn't love me back! I have my fair share of Ray-Bans which painfully don't suit me and only recently I discovered the 'cat eye' doesn't actually make me look like an egg with blonde hair, like other sunglasses.

I currently wear the 'Light Havana Miu Miu Cat Eye' which I'm sure you've already seen me wearing:

...and now I've been lusting over a few other pairs which have caught my eye on Red Hot Sunglasses, where my Miu Miu pair is from! 

Since seeing Pixie Lott's new video I have been seriously lusting over an oversized red pair of sunnies... I could do with the rest of her wardrobe too, mind. 

So I think these red Versace ones fit the bill perfectly for £138. 

I also have my eye on a couple of Prada numbers. The first being this oversized nude combo. I think these would be perfect with a bold lip and beige outfit with a huge floppy hat... on an exotic island may I add, but for now my box standard island (Isle of Wight) can do! I also think £113 is very reasonable for a good pair of sunglasses! 
Need I really explain why I like this pink pair? Didn't think so!

And of course no sunglasses collection is complete without a mysterious, oversized, I mean business, black pair! To be honest there are so many I'm lusting over in this category, but these By Stella McCartney happened to catch my eye in particular.

Can you all tell that I spent the other night looking and lusting over sunglasses until almost 4am?! I figured I better at least make something constructive out of it! Have you all got your summer sunnies sorted, or still searching for the perfect pair?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

WEARING// Fields of florals

I can't get enough of the glorious weather the UK is experiencing right now, these long evenings are also a bonus. I HOPE YOU NEVER RETURN WINTER, YOU CAN JUST BE COMING ALL THE TIME LIKE IN GAME OF THRONES AND JUST NEVER ACTUALLY RETURN!! 
...moving onto the clothes. This two piece is by Crystelle Clothing and I just thought it would make a comfy summer two piece, perfect for this weather. It is a couple sizes bigger than I would normally take, so I've just rolled the top up slightly and prefer the shorts to be a bit looser and not in butt land territory.
This kimono is my favourite thing ever... as you've probably gathered by now! It can make even the skimpiest of outfits more socially acceptable!

This lilac Grafea and Topshop sale sandals are of course my perfect purple-y combo for lilac suiting outfits, so I had to wear these this day!