Saturday, 20 September 2014

WEARING// Shore Project-ing on the shore!

Last night Charlie and I headed to the beach for the evening, and was greeted by the most amazing sunset! I hadn't actually planned to photograph this outfit yet, but seeing as the scenery was so beautiful, I figured it had to be done! I apologise for the lighting, but obviously it is sunset and the sun is behind me! I think you'll all understand though that although the photos may not be the best quality lighting wise, they do have a nice vibe to them and you can still see the outfit clearly!
The coat is my absolute favourite right now, I also have the pink and am so obsessed with them, I predict I will have the camel version too before long, although I'm quickly running out of space to compensate my rather large coat collection!

Speaking about absolute favourites, these Shellys London shoes are really ticking all the boxes for me right now. My colour pallet, as you've probably gathered, is very pastel - so I think these shoes make a great feature to toughen and mature my outfits up a bit! I'm also incredibly impressed with how comfy they are, along with their impeccable aesthetics. 

I think this trilby is surgically attached to my head, another item I feel you will see a lot more of! It also doubles up to hide my unhighlighted 4 month old roots of doom! 

Outfit wise I was going to the beach for a walk, so wanted to remain comfy - this two piece (haha yes, ANOTHER ONE) is such a great fit, feel and material! Another outfit I plan to wear to university come October! I also feel it would work for a night out, because if you can see, it has the most gorgeous opened back, which acts as such a nice detail! 

Watch wise I'm sporting my new 'Shore Projects' with the baby blue strap. It also arrived yesterday with an array of colours to alternative the strap to, which I think is a super cute and versatile idea! Also how fitting that I took my first photos wearing it, on an actual shore?! 

Friday, 19 September 2014

WEARING// Carnaby girl

I have a whole lotta lovin' for this outfit, and am the first to admit there will be an outfit repeat going on with this! I'm loving the 'Carnaby girl' look right now, and of course whipping out the trilby! I always think trilbies are a more autumn/winter hat, with the floppy and fedoras dominating the summer months. I start dreaded university again at the end of the month, third time lucky though, right guys? And feel this will be perfect to throw on effortlessly (hiding bed hair with the hat), whilst still looking like I've got my life on track...
The a line skirt is a favourite of mine, I feel skaters can look a bit childish, but a line is a lot more mature. This one is hideously creased, but due to the nature of the faux leather, I shall just have to wear the creases out of it! These brushed pastel-y jumpers/skirts/cardigans are so cute, so I knew I had to opt for this pink cropped jumper. Because it has so many colours in it, I also feel it to be a versatile A/W staple as it can easily be paired up with pinks, whites, blacks and greys. 

Those boots though... so me! Absolutely love them. They're cleated, yet only enough to still be a suitable day boot which I love. AND to make things better, they are actually comfortable! I find it hard to believe they're only £30 (£24 with student discount) which is such a bargain for such a nice boot! I always find boots like this look better with socks, so I just paired them with one of Primarni's pink classics! 

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Yeah baby, yeah! I can't help but feel I have an Austin Powers, 70s vibe going on here. Also I would like to point out the wind on the coast was not in my favour during this photo session, which would explain my hair, and the nature of the playsuit! Without the elements against me (the sun was also in and out more than a game of the hokey pokey) the playsuit actually looks a lot nicer, you can see on the product photo that the bottom of it is actually flared shorts and not a leotard as the wind has made out! *Disclaimer, there is no camel toe either!

Mustard is such a great colour for autumn, likewise is navy, so I thought hey, let's mix those colours. The playsuit I discovered originally through finding the brand Hearts and Bows by Bank Fashion, and I really love their cute and quirky bits. I would happily wear this playsuit, along with the body chain, on a night out with some navy heels! Although these photos fail to show it, the cut is actually extremely nice and flattering!

The blazer is part of a two piece from the Colour Flux range and I just love it! I love the colour, fit and crepe material, and I'm excited to show you the other way I've styled it up!
Navy is the colour I'm missing from my trusty Grafea's, however this cute bag made up for it! Absolutely love it, so much so I had to nab the lilac version.

As it is 2:39am, I think I shall retire to my slumber and dream of yet, more clothes!