29 May 2015

Experimenting with summer denim

Recently I was invited by my favourites over at Miss Selfridge, into their flagship store to see what I thought of their new denim collection.

19 May 2015

FASHION | The suede jacket which stands out

Up today is another snipped from my recent look book, sporting another festival-inspired look, this time however mixing things up with a pair of heels!

18 May 2015

FASHION | Dusky pinks and the perfect baseball jacket

I've spent the week catching up with friends (and sleep) on the Isle of Wight, before heading back up to London today to pack my flat up into boxes! The plan is to move to Brighton now, so house hunting shall begin after my summer of (hopefully) lots of travelling! This is just a casual outfit I wore in the week featuring my new favourite jacket which does not break the bank at £16!

16 May 2015

FASHION | Bringing Coachella to the Isle of Wight

This is one of the outfits featured on my recent look-book video, such a lovely summery day dress or a dress to pop on whilst on holiday.

12 May 2015

FASHION | Paisley prints 'n pink

I have been making the most of the beautiful weather on the Isle of Wight this week, attempting to film my first look book at Ventnor Botanic Garden! I decided to do a 'festival themed' look book on the styles I saw at Coachella, this being one of them. (Video to come!)

11 May 2015

FASHION | The red dress you need in your life

Sorry for the lack of posting, blogger is decreasing the quality of my photos for some reason? I've just had to go with it in the end, whilst in the process of seeking help. I've seen on Twitter it's a common problem though so if anybody has any help, please let me know!

Anyway, you may have already seen this dress on my Instagram as I have certainly been getting my wear out of it! I wore this for a lovely sunny trip to Brighton on this particular day, styling it up for day time comfort.

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