25 Jan 2015

FASHION | "Oh dear..."

So my weird mouth is back. Yep, you guessed it - I have braces again. I'd like to take this moment to thank my parents for my less than perfect teeth. However this time it's the bottom teeth which thankfully is less noticeable. I wonder if my brace mouth makes it into a forum of it's own this time!

I've also been on the Isle of Wight all weekend and took Saturday's beautiful weather as an opportunity to visit Ventnor Botantical gardens with my good friend Jess. I had a great day but maybe that was the codeine. Either way visiting the gardens made a lovely change and breath of fresh air, also allowing me a nice backdrop to shoot my outfit.

Earlier that day you couldn't imagine the remarks I received on my outfit. Granted I am wearing rather short shorts, however they are winter thick shorts and I am wearing over the knee boots and a coat which covers most of me. I'm also fluffy and pink, hardly anything racy or suggestive. Regardless it is my decision what I choose to wear and it really fails me that people in my local town have the audacity to make comment on my clothing decisions. As well as feeling like a circus act by the looks, one women actually looked me up and down and muttered 'oh dear...', surprised when I asked her 'excuse me?'. Sorry lady, but did your outfit get you over 1000 instagram likes? I don't think so!

It occurred to me I only got this confidence to wear what I wanted once I moved to London, and I can really see why now. It is a true shame that people can be so judgemental, but that is island mentality! I encourage any 'islanders', or anybody in similar situations, who read my blog, to ignore the judgement of those who are so small-minded. 

Now for the outfit! The fluffy coat is a George at Asda steal! Big thanks to the girls at Lee Publicity for thinking of me when it arrived in their office, I absolutely love it. The controversial shorts are such a cute winter-spring transitional piece. They're a thick velvet with the floral embroidery and beaded details AND I do believe they're now in the sale. I sized up due to their skimpyness and I think this size is great. The crop is just a cute blush basic which I found to match perfectly with the pinks and what outfit of mine is complete these days without a fluffy bag and OTK boots??

23 Jan 2015

FASHION | The cosiest of roll necks

You may have noticed me being very pro-roll neck at the moment, I just can't keep enough of those garments with the ability to keep my neck warm... This one is the chunkiest and comfiest one I've found to date and I can't get enough of it. It's a relaxed 'one size fits all' shape and I found it to look quite chic oversized over these faux leather cigarette pants. It also helps that it (and the coat for a matter of fact) are She Inside bargains, but with great quality. Like always I got the coat in a large due to the Asian sizing, however this one came up as more of a 10 than the usual 8. The quality of the coat is even better than usual, a thick coat with a nice structure.

As I'm going for a comfy look I went for these Moschino Love flats, which do happen to be in the ASOS sale now if you wanted to bag yourself a pair! (They make me feel more important than I am.)

21 Jan 2015

FITNESS | Missguided Activewear

So I'm a little bit gutted because (as usual) I didn't keep up with my emails and I wasn't able to feature my favourites from Missguided's activewear collection to coincide with the launch! Do keep your eyes pealed though, as I will be featuring some of my favourite items styled up for my new gym get-up! I will however share here a few of my favourites (make sure ad blocker is off) if you are inspired to get your hands on some for your 2015 fitness kick!

Also how amazing are the baby pink boxing gloves?!?! NEED!

19 Jan 2015

FASHION | Minty prisoner

I can't help but feel a prisoner vibe from this two piece, however it has to be my favourite set right now!! It's warm for a start which is something lacking from a lot of my outfits, it's a comfy fit, edgy print and I love high neck tops right now! Basically it's an all over winner, and certainly within budget too which also helps. Something like this can be dressed up so easily - I wore it with pink trainers and a pink faux fur jacket at the weekend for a comfy shopping outfit, however it can easily be dressed up slightly less casual like this, or even more so (more so less?) with heels for a night out!

As I knew I was visiting Sloane's pastel houses with Arabella for lunch, I thought I'd pair it with this minty green ensemble, matching my coat and boots. The coat is a favourite of mine from Bank (so sad to hear they've entered administration?!?!) likewise the boots an old favourite of mine from ASOS.

As the sun was also shining, I thought I'd accompany my minty outfit with matching sunnies from Stella McCartney at Red Hot Sunglasses.

*please not there is no camel toe, just an unfortunate crease, haha!

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